the cusp of clarity initiative

our mission

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save the world, obviously.

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aidann gia, circa 2010.

target i.

We aim for each branch to fundraise $1,000 for their local charities focused on social justice objectives. When a chapter has succeeded, the remainder of their proceeds are donated to the World Resources Institute to combat climate change.

target ii.

We strive to transform school curriculums, employing an intersectional framework that integrates diverse perspectives, fosters inclusive communities, and addresses climate justice, thus empowering students to become global change-makers and future world-savers.

the branches

Calgary, Alberta (CA)

Washington D.C/ Baltimore, Maryland

Led by Fredcine Lim.

Fundraising for The Mustard Seed

and raising awareness for housing


Led by Addison Bacolodan.

Fundraising for the Mental Health Association of Maryland and raising awareness for youth’s mental health.

Atlanta, Georgia

Led by Christianna Pittmon.

Fundraising goals to be determined!

New York City,

New York

Led by Marlie Capuano.

Fundraising for Soar Over Hate and raising awareness on anti-asian-hate.